Writing a book is an excellent way to be noticed and have your knowledge and opinions valued. Then, as you learn more about how to promote a book, you’ll see that the PR potential is significant. Regardless of your business or profession, publicity can drive success, and your book opens doors. It’s unique for every author, but once you have a published book, you’ll have the basis to launch a PR campaign aimed at your target readers. For many authors they are the same people as their customers. Every year, more businesspeople realize the potential to become authors and write their first book.

If you write a book and invest significant time into it, ensure that you plan a marketing program to support its launch. Many self-published authors budget for a publicist who can help with promotional planning and outreach. Much occurs online through your “author’s platform,” which includes your social media, blog, and website. But media coverage gives you instant stature and introduces you to a new and larger audience. It’s worth pursuing if you have a book and a business that will benefit from it. If you’ve tried to launch a business promotion PR campaign without a book, you’ll appreciate the book’s help.

There’s also value in investigating media training if you’ll be interviewed or giving speeches for the first time in your career. Some of us are naturally outgoing and have a gift for communicating, but anyone can learn these skills. Having a professional third-party critique of your key messages and how you get them across to an audience is helpful. Many trainers will record you and make constructive suggestions as you watch the playback together. You may make common errors that are easily overcome and be able to pick up pointers that improve your performance. Doing well helps you and your book succeed.

Many first-time authors today have carefully honed their book’s topic so that it makes news. It’s a smart move if you have high aspirations for what your book will accomplish. Novelists and fiction writers have different paths depending on their storytelling. It’s also never too early to begin developing a following, and you can become active on social media long before publishing a book. For some social media influencers, becoming an author is a way to extend their celebrity. If you post entertaining or helpful content, you’ll amass followers each month. If you have a large following, it can kick-start book sales.