Finding an excellent book fulfillment company can be a liberating experience for a self-published author. Why? Because it provides freedom and flexibility for selling books in many places online. If you get tied to an on-demand printer, you are generally limited in where you can sell. It’s too easy to miss target readers that way and cost yourself book sales. Also, if you limit yourself to a single platform and don’t do well with its algorithm for recommendation, plenty of interested readers might not find out our books have been released. Therefore, retaining flexibility over where you sell is always an asset.

Nearly every first-time, self-published author prints their book digitally to keep costs reasonable for a small initial print run. But once your sales materialize, it’s wise to investigate offset printing. It can lower the per-copy printing price significantly if you run enough copies. Traditional publishers use offset printing to maximize their profit margins, which can work for you. It’s essential to market your book whether you attempt to do it DIY or hire a publicist. Selling copies and earning income are likelier to happen when you can reach target readers. You can do some online and through media.

Finding a book designer to help will also trigger ideas and opportunities. If you find a superb printer, you need a well-designed book and cover to maximize the value of their work. It’s also wise to think about how your book will be used. For example, if people will carry it, the weight matters, and you may want to consider printing it as a softcover. They are lighter and easier to carry than hardcover books. Books used daily and kept open to specific pages benefit from spiral bindings. An experienced book designer can walk you through the options, and together, you can decide what is best for your readers.

Book fulfillment companies can also help you improve customer service by shipping books more quickly than print-on-demand. When you print copies ahead and have them ready for orders, your customers don’t end up at the back of the print queue waiting for their copies to be processed. It means orders go out on the day they are received, and copies are put in customers’ hands more quickly. You can also send other items with your book orders when you use a book fulfillment house. If you stay within printed marketing materials, you can qualify for preferential shipping rates to reduce your costs further.

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