Difficult situation are part and parcel of our lives. We must learn how to deal with these situations. We don’t get any formal training for dealing with any stressful situation. You must have heard of suicides in kota have increased this year Why there are so many who find themselves helpless when they can’t compete. Why most of them resort to give up on their lives. We must have strategies for communicating about and altering their emotional states So that they just put their focus just on their improvement.

Why Stress Management is Important in Schools and Colleges       

The curriculum is very vast in any area or subject matter so we must  have mentors those push us to achieve anything. Stress management will incur higher emotional intelligence that will help them handle any adverse situation. Adversity are integral to any situation as whatever skill you want to learn It will require you to put grueling efforts. For example if you are writing any competitive exam then you have to face cut throat competition and to be way ahead of them you need to manage your stress. If you were trained to deal with the stressfull situations in college then you can utilize the application while you are preparing for competitive exam. So whenever a person is being exerted by lots of pressure then he or she tends resign to the situation.

Building resilience Personality: We all react to stress in different ways based on our perception that we must have build up after listening to our elderly or from some peer fellows. These constructs many times doesn’t have any basis and so they just fall down when you really want them to goon. So Our educational institutions must foot in to frame a program or curriculum that will make students realize why and how to deal with anything in life.

Reach out to others: There must be individuals who must have been doing better and some other who have get over the phase which you might have been so you can talk to them to stay motivated even in the hard times so reach out to some one who you can confide upon. This will not even relieve you of the burden but also provide you a road map for re-strategizing and will make you think in a different way.

Look for meaning and purpose: This is the most important point as when you will look into the meaning and purpose. You will find some purpose to go-on with the trails and tribulation. It may be difficult for you to remain very much look into purpose of doing the work. The clarity that you will have when you look upon the purpose will be suffice to make you move on. Just leave studies for 2 to 3 days and think through the reason behind why you are in melancholy and your pensive reasons must reflect your state. So Take a pen and paper write down all your mistakes. You will figure out the topics where you have inepititude.


Stay motivated: The real motivation that you are going to have will push you and you will not ask for motivation when you will have real motivation. The real motivation can be if you want to obliterate all what is bad in your lives. if you are sankalpit and  samarpit at it then this is all and all what is required.

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