Using chilli-infused tequila gives the classic drink a bit more of a kick

To make the infused tequila, use any brand you have to hand. It’s preferable to use fresh jalapeño, because you want it good and spicy. Failing that, just slice any hot chilli you can get hold of and drop it into the bottle. Leave to infuse for five to six hours, then remove.

Serves 1

For the puree
1 avocado
170ml good-quality cold-pressed apple juice

For the drink
60ml jalapeño-infused tequila (see introduction) 
30ml avocado and apple puree (see above)
25ml fresh lime juice
15ml agave water – mix 3 parts agave nectar (from organic and healthfood shops, or online,) to 1 part water
Salt, for the glass rim
1 lime wheel, to garnish

First, make the puree by blitzing together the avocado and apple juice in a blender or food processor. Put all the cocktail ingredients in a shaker, add a load of ice and shake hard for 15 seconds to dilute the puree. Double strain into a salt-rimmed coupette, garnish with a lime wheel and serve.