Planning to lay tiles in your bathroom? Remember, choosing the right bathroom tiles can be strenuous if you do not reach out to the right tile shop. Multiple factors come into play while selecting a good tile store, ranging from the availability of the latest bathroom tile designs to the quality and price of the tiles. So, this blog is here to assist you in selecting the right tiles shop in Patna. 

Find a Tile Shop with an Extensive Bathroom Tile Range

While looking for the right tile shop in Patna, you need to find a tile store that offers an exquisite display of bathroom tiles designs to check out all types of bathroom wall and floor tiles before buying. Any good tile store has bathroom tiles of varying sizes, shapes, colour schemes, and textures. Besides tile stores, many brick-and-mortar and hardware stores also sell bathroom tiles, which you can also check out to find a good deal. So, you should consider visiting multiple tile stores to find the right one that offers premium bathroom tiles that resonate with your needs and specifications. 

Look for Tile Shops with Positive Reviews 

Since you plan to revamp your existing bathroom look, you do not want to get bathroom tiles for the renovation project from a tile store with not-so-good reviews. Of course, you should look for a tile shop that not only offers a diverse bathroom tile range but also has awesome reviews. Tile stores with good reviews mean they are reliable stores to which you can reach out to make informed tile choices and purchases. You can just search for the best tile dealers in Patna and find physical tile stores that have a good reputation in the local tile market. Check the reviews of different tile stores on Google and shortlist the tile stores with positive ratings. This tells you a lot about the tile store or brand, including whether their previous customers were happy with the bathroom tile quality and tile variations they offer at their stores. Also, look at their reviews to find out more about their efficient services, fast deliveries, and responsive customer service. 

Find a Tile Shop with Quality Customer Support

Any good tile shop in Patna provides highly responsive customer support service, helping their customers to have not only a good tile-buying experience but also an efficient after-sale experience. Whether you need help selecting the right bathroom wall tile for your desired bathroom decor theme or an issue with the delayed shipment, a good tile shop will prioritise understanding your problem and deliver a solution to you. So, you must look for a tile store that has a working customer service hotline, chat support, or email support so that you can reach out to them whenever you need it. 

Go for Tiles Manufactured by Reputed Brands 

As revamping a bathing space with tiles is a lifelong investment, you have to make a wise call while selecting the bathroom tiles. That’s why it is better to choose premium-quality tiles, rather than regretting your purchase later. The best way to do that is by opting for bathroom tiles designs offered by leading tile brands. You may think branded tiles are expensive, but that’s not true. Reputed tile manufacturers deliver bathroom wall and floor tiles in diverse price options, and they offer good-quality tiles which can last for a longer period, making them value for money in the long run. Plus, you do not have to invest more for rigorous maintenance and the next renovation any time soon. Moreover, the staff in branded tile shops are quite familiar with the current bathroom tile trends, and they can guide you in selecting the right tile designs as per your desired bathroom aesthetics and functionality. So, you should think of visiting a branded tiles shop in Patna that has high-quality bathroom tiles in every material, colour, and style. 

Best Tile Shop in Patna 

With the sheer number of bathroom tile stores in the capital city of Bihar, you can consider reaching out to any of the following reputed tile stores. 

  • Orientbell Tiles Boutique – No 706, Surya Vihar Apartment, Old Jakkanpur, Lodipur, Patna, Bihar 800001
  • Orientbell Tiles Boutique – Ground Floor, Main Rd, near Nalanda Medical College Campus, Mahatma Gandhi Nagar, Kankarbagh, Patna, Bihar 800020

Explore Online Tile Stores

Another excellent way to buy good bathroom tiles these days is by ordering them online. Good online tile stores have an impressive array of bathroom tiles to match a variety of bathroom decor styles. You can also check their reviews on Google to know more about their tile quality and diversity, customer service, and responsiveness. So, look for an online tile shop with good reviews to expect good customer assistance while buying tiles. Also, some online tile shops even have a physical store. So, if possible, you can look at their physical store address to visit and check out the appeal and feel of the bathroom tile designs in person. 

Tips to Select the Right Bathroom Tiles

  • Determine Your Budget: Fix your budget before checking the different options in bathroom tiles to not overspend your money. 
  • Choose the Tile Size: Select an appropriate tile size for the bathroom flooring and walls to minimise the amount of wastage. 
  • Calculate The Tile Quality: Determine the number of wall and floor tiles you need to get depending on your bathroom tile size. 
  • Select the Material: Even though bathroom tiles come in different options, consider choosing porcelain tiles with anti-slip features to have a functional and elegant bathroom. 
  • Decide the Colour Palette: Select the tiles designs according to your desired colour scheme of your bathroom. 


I hope you can now find the right tile store to buy bathroom wall and floor tiles. So, be smart, follow this guide and select the best tiles shop in Patna, like  Orientbell Tiles Boutique, to buy tiles for your bathroom renovation.